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Joint Venture 


Mark Hendricks
The Grandmaster of Joint Ventures

Mark Hendricks
Dear JV Friend:

If you'd like to get more leads, prospects, sales and profits fast, then the next few minutes you spend with me could be the most valuable time you've ever invested in your business career.

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Let me explain...

Of all the marketing strategies available, by far, joint ventures between two companies for the benefit of their customers represents the greatest opportunity for upside profit potential.

Joint Ventures can:

  • Make you huge profits very fast

  • Give you instant credibility in markets you want to access

  • Build your customer and prospect database quickly

  • Create profitable business relationships that will last for years and years

  • Help you harvest profits from your customer base that you could not access yourself

Whether you set up Joint Ventures for yourself, or have someone do it for you, you'll want to read every word of this page in which I'll reveal to you exactly how to set up joint ventures and profit from them wildly, over and over again. 

"So, what exactly is a Joint Venture?..."

A joint venture is one of the world's oldest and most treasured marketing strategies where two businesses get together and promote the products or services of one business to the customers of the other business.

Both businesses profit from the relationship and the customers do too.

It's truly the best win-win-win for all involved.

The first business gets introduced to the buying customers of the second business who knows, likes, and trusts the second business. And because of the existing relationship with the second business, these customers are more willing to make a purchase because of the endorsement of the first business by the second business.

"Now if that all seems confusing,
here's a simple example..."

Let's say you have a product (or service) that sells well, but you'd like to increase your customer base quickly. You contact another company who already has the type of customers you want, and set up a deal with them to send a very attractive offer to their customers, endorsing you, your company and your product to them.

You can either split the costs of the distribution of your offer to their list of customers (by mail, email, or telemarketing, etc.), or you agree to pay the costs upfront and get reimbursed first before sharing the profits with your Joint Venture partner on the resulting sales (these details are all negotiable).

You acquire lots of new and profitable customers very quickly, and your Joint Venture partner makes profits that are hidden in their business that they didn't even know existed.

You get more and more sales from these newly acquired customers for years to come, and your Joint Venture partner reaps more profits from the time and expense of building their customer base.

Here's something you may not know... about me.

I've been doing business online since 1994, and in business since the late 1970s (yes, I've been around a while). Through those years I've tried and tested all kinds of ways to get more traffic, leads, and sales for my businesses and for the other business owners I've advised along the way.

There's one strategy that stands far above all others in generating traffic, leads, sales, and most importantly, lots more profit in less time.

And that one strategy is mastering the art of the joint venture.

"How do you find a good JV partner for you?..."

Most Joint Ventures are setup with non-competing businesses who share the same type of customers. But as you discover more about the benefits and how to structure Joint Ventures, you'll learn that they can even be set up with your competitors to benefit you both (more about this amazing strategy later).

To find Joint Venture partners, you could go through the yellow pages, industry directories, or website searches for businesses that serve your target market and contact each of them with a proposal. Most of the time, you'll need to educate them on how they benefit from setting up a Joint Venture with you.

"Here's a few of the topics you'll need
to explain to them..."

  • They will endorse you, and your product to their customer list.

  • You will provide them a sample of your product or service first, so they can experience the quality of your products and services, and they will be comfortable from personal experience in endorsing you to their customers.

  • You will do all the work, write all the letters (with their editorial approval, of course) and you split the marketing cost, or you may offer to pay all the expense of the distribution of the offer (remember, you are leveraging off the goodwill your Joint Venture partner has built over the years with their customers, so you can gain instant access to new paying customers for yourself).

  • You will give them an idea of how much they could make based on your profit-sharing arrangement and past experience from other JVs you've done, if any.

"How to get started doing Joint Ventures..."

There's basically two ways for you to go, you can try to find JV partners and contact them yourself, educate them, set up the infrastructure and handle all the details of the joint venture.

Or you may want sign up for your free JV Dealmaker membership'll learn how to quickly find, educate, negotiate, structure and manage profitable joint ventures. Plus, you'll have instant access to our JV Dealmaker Forum and qualify to attend The JV Dealmaker Experience LIVE Event, and you can participate in our free Members Only teleconferences where we spotlight members' Joint Venture deals and have expert Joint Venture guests and myself Master Mind with you to improve your JV possibilities.

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No long "guru" platform speeches... No sales pitches...
No back of the room sales rushes... guaranteed!

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Where: Orlando, Florida

Place: Excellent big-name-brand conference hotel, just minutes
from the airport - disclosed only to registered attendees

Great Discount Hotel room block rate for early registrants
(yes, my meeting planner is also a very accomplished dealmaker)

Here's a few comments from past attendees, there are more below...

Here's what you'll be doing at this hands-on JV workshop

Each 90 minute session is designed to give you real-life Joint Venture
making experience and face-to-face time with the other attendees

Friday night:

Arrive, check-in, and meetup in the lounge around 6:30pm, have dinner with old and new friends


8:00 Registration and visit sponsor exhibits


JV Pitch

Using Mark's proprietary methods, you will craft your own JV Pitch with the help of your JV Team partners you will be mixed with. The JV Pitch is your tight and to the point message you will be using all weekend to quickly identify and tell possible JV partners exactly who your offer is for, what problem it solves, how your JV partners benefit and how to get the JV deal going fast.
10:00 Networking break and visit sponsor exhibits


JV Explorer

You'll learn how to approach others to discuss JV concepts by first asking questions, finding out what other people want and need, and being helpful which leads to opportunities and possibilities that may be open to you for your JVs or for bringing new JV partners to others. Then you will put your new knowledge to work as you and your JV Wingman work the room together as a team finding as many JV opportunities as possible in this fast-paced JV exploration exercise.
Noon Lunch break with your friends, new and old


JV Generator

This is one of our JV Mastermind sessions where we ask for volunteers who are new to creating JV offers to stand front and center as we work through their JV Pitch and Approach to help them improve and tighten it up for maximum communicative effectiveness. These are not "hot seats" where gurus tear you to shreds in front of everyone, no not at all. These are positive and helpful suggestions and comments that can be immediately applied to increase your chances of securing more JV deals. Even if you're not among the volunteers, you will gain an amazing insight into how JVs can be structured to benefit all parties involved and the best ways to present your JV ideas to others, whether it's your products and services or the products and services of others too.
3:00 Networking break and visit sponsor exhibits


JV Connector

To be successful at JVs, it's not only what you know, but also who you know. In this session, using all the strategies you've learned in the prior sessions, you're now ready to go "one-on-one" and "face-to-face" with the other JVDE attendees in discovering a multitude of JV deals for yourself (both as endorser and endorsee), and also build your own JV Referral Network...all at the same time!
JV Mixer - free-style networking and visit with sponsors
7:30 Dinner with your friends, new and old


8:00 Doors open and visit sponsor exhibits


JV Broker

One of the most exciting things about JVs is you don't have to have a product or a list to do them, you just need to know other people who have those assets or other assets that you can represent and introduce to people. You can make a terrific income and lifestyle for yourself by finding, educating, introducing, helping, and managing JVs using the valuable (and many times undiscovered) assets of others. In this session you'll focus on putting people together who should get to know each other and do business together, and you get paid for your ability to bring buyers to sellers...once you master this, you become the MVP of business no matter where you roll.
10:00 Networking break and visit sponsor exhibits


JV Spotlight

This is the second of our JV Mastermind sessions where we ask for volunteers who have JVs they have already been doing and want to present them to the whole group. We will ask specific questions about their offering, clarify things if need be, and give a quick "thumbs up" show of interest in their offer. Once again, these are not "hot seats" where gurus tear you to shreds in front of everyone, no not at all. These are positive and helpful suggestions and comments that can be immediately applied to increase your chances of securing more JV deals.  Even if you're not among the volunteers, you will gain an amazing insight into how JVs can be structured to benefit all parties involved and the best ways to present your JV ideas to others, whether it's your products and services or the products and services of others too.
Noon Lunch break with your friends, new and old


JV Dealmaker

In this training and workshop session, you'll discover more advanced concepts that give you the tools and confidence you need to be successful, whether it's for your own account or to serve others in your role as JV Connector, JV Broker, or JV Dealmaker.
3:00 Networking break and visit sponsor exhibits


JV Frenzy

Here's where it all comes together, it's a 90 minute "free-for-all" where you re-meet those you need to reconnect with and meet others for the first time you may have missed in earlier sessions. Whether it's finding JVs for yourself or putting deals together for others, you and everyone else will work their "JV Dealmaker magic" in a wild whirlwind of JV Frenzy.
5:00 Dinner with friends and more JV mixing at the hotel lounge



JV Breakfast

We always enjoy this last chance to have some great "Q-time" with your new JV friends, and tie up any loose ends of your JV deals and solidify your JV action plans before you go home.
10:00 Depart for home

(See more video comments at the end of this letter)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention...

  • All registered attendees receive the printed JV Dealmaker Experience Workbook Manual that you'll use at the JVD Experience and use time and time again when working with joint ventures. It's a reference workbook that becomes even more valuable as you personalize it with your workshop completions during the weekend.

  • You are also immediately registered to win fabulous door prizes that are offered by the sponsors of the event, plus other cool stuff they may bring along that is displayed at their tables.

"Okay Mark, this sounds great... so how much is it to attend?"

Registration fee: $497 

For a limited time and number of attendees:

Your registration fee with coupon code = earlybird
is only $197

Signup now as this offer can be changed without notice,
and may not be available tomorrow

And here's another special bonus, and this is VERY special...

By coming to this event in Orlando, you will be able to attend all future
JV Dealmaker Experience events at the special $197 price,
and never pay the higher regular rate of $497.

Here's my iron-clad personal guarantee to you:

If after the first day, you don't feel this was one of the best investments you've ever made of your time, money, and energy - just let me know and I will refund 100% of your registration fee, shake your hand, part as friends with a smile, and wish you all the best of success.

A few things you need to know before registering:

This is a highly interactive event, you won't just be sitting and listening, so be prepared to really roll up your sleeves and do what I ask of you for the best possible JV experience. You will be actively participating and meeting people who are positive, energetic, and trustworthy...and who want to move forward in their businesses and their lifestyles. If that describes you, then this is for you too.

Here's how to register right now...

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JV Dealmaker Member Account

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I look forward to spending time with you soon!

Mark Hendricks
The Grandmaster of Joint Ventures

You can contact me at:

Email: mark AT
Phone: 352 583 3697 (Florida)

My main website is:

P.S. - I assure you this event will change your business and change your life, I guarantee it.

P.P.S. - There is no better way to quickly grow your business and create profits faster than using joint ventures, signup today and join us for the JV Dealmaker Experience, soon you'll be telling others what a great experience it was too.

P.P.P.S. - There's one strategy that stands far above all others in generating traffic, leads, sales, and most importantly, lots more profit in less time. And that one strategy is mastering the art of the joint venture. I hope you will join us in Orlando.

Here's a few more comments from others...

Joe Farinaccio says: Mark, you've been an incredible success and business coach for me these past 4 years ... many thanks!

Criss Bertling says: You won't ever find a more qualified coach, a man with more integrity, or a person who will invest who he is and what he knows in your success the way Mark Hendricks does. If you want to warp speed your business success, Mark IS the guy!

Martin Sabel says: I've known Mark for years and consider him to be one of the really greats when it comes to training. He's one heck of a guy and someone I trust completely.

Bill Thomas says: Mark, it seems like I’ve bought every ebook, course, and piece of software on internet marketing, and was still confused on where to start. Your relaxed style of teaching, your honesty, and personal attention are really appreciated – and the amount of knowledge you convey is impressive. Just the tips, tricks, and techniques you taught me in just two days was worth much more than the thousands of dollars of information I had already paid for! I highly recommend that anyone needing to sharpen their marketing skills and move their business forward - get a hold of Mark Hendricks. Thanks again.

Christopher Avery says: I turned to Mark Hendricks as my personal coach when I wanted to transition my business from 100% speaking and consulting with multi-nationals to also providing affordable information products and services to small business and individuals. Why? Two reasons: 1) He knows what he's talking about because he's been doing it since before Al Gore could spell i-n-t-e-r-n-e-t. 2) Mark eschews the "I'm-a-guru" hyperbole others use to push expensive products and services that don't deliver on their promise. Instead Mark just delivers and delivers.

Jim Behuniak says: Mark, Thanks for all your help for the last 6 years! Internet Time flies by twice as fast!

Janice Foxworth says: Mark, you're at the top of my list. Your integrity is unmatched by anyone else I know in the business, and you're always ready to help and encourage others. I appreciate all you do for us. Thanks, and God bless you.

James Reynolds says: When Mark talks, I listen.

Tate Burns says: Mark Hendricks is one of the real guys. He was able to understand and get to the heart of what I needed to do in less time than anyone I have ever met. The way he helped me get clear in my head what I needed to do, is more than hours of listening to audios, watching videos and reading other peoples stuff has ever done. I am looking forward to working with Mark on other projects and finally breaking through the barriers that have kept me from success. If you can get close to one person and get some of his insight – by whatever means possible – make it Mark Hendricks.

Beth T. Compton says: Mark you are the best!

Regina Smola says: I am still blown away at the amount of valuable information you gave me in such a short amount of time. I now have a whole new business model to work with and ways to implement the very things that have been holding me back.

Joe Walling says: Hi Mark. Thanks for helping this geek learn a little bit about marketing.

Doug Hudiburg says: I was absolutely blown away! What we accomplished in 15 short minutes was enough to keep me busy for months! Your perspective helped me really clarify some key elements of my strategy and your simple ’3 steps to bridge the gap’ guidance was dead on. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial because I want to say this DIRECTLY to anyone considering hiring you as a coach, mentor, or advisor… “Don’t think… just do it. Mark is the real deal and one of the few leaders in this market. He’s 100% bonafide, real deal.” Thanks again Mark.

Wayne Moritz says: Mark is the best in the business

Sheri Dresser says: What surprised me was that what you showed us, I thought I already knew – but then you made me realize I have not actually been DOING it! You helped me realize that I must plan strategically, actually WRITE IT DOWN and then take action on the plan, and finish what I start. You showed me how I need to be more disciplined and balanced to be able to achieve any type of long-term sustainable business success. You also helped me to see different options for positioning my website and business to be more effective in making sales online. I am daily using and referring to the planning tool you gave us, which is helping me stay on track and work toward my goals of a sustainable business and more balanced and prioritized life. Mark, I really appreciate your help, your wisdom and insight, your gift of teaching, your spirit of service and giving back, and most of all your heart and the inspiration that you bring to me and many others. Thank you!

Rebecca Wilcox says: With the gift of insight, perception and forward thinking, Mark Hendricks was able to listen to my “day in the life of a feed store owner” and give me incredible ideas to grow my business. Mark takes the talents he sees in each of us and projects them into the business at hand, which in turn enables us to become more successful at our ventures, whether they are online or in a brick and mortar store.

Joy Swearingen says: Mark has a unique teaching style that really clicked with me. He has a way of taking complicated concepts and making them very clear and easy to understand.

Dan R Morris says: It's the 15 Minute Hurricane of Serenity. That’s what meeting with Mark Hendricks is like. Imagine clarity, simplicity and focus. That’s on the outside. Now think about the flood of ideas, the sudden knowledge of your missteps and your future direction. Imagine what joy and purpose this hurricane of thoughts will drive you toward. It only takes him 3 minutes to understand, to pull from you what you really want to be doing, to give you a goal you knew you already had. Mark is a magnet of purpose, he’ll bring it to the surface.

Carla McNeil says: He pointed out three action steps I could take to increase my conversion rates. It really was wonderful that he could pin point three items so quickly and when he did I totally saw what he said made perfect sense. At first I was quite skeptical at what I could learn but Mark really did surprise me. His advice was timely, specific and so very worthwhile. Thanks Mark for your very valuable generosity!

Christine Prelaz says: I can’t thank you enough for your time. You created one of those life and business altering “AHA” moments during our conversation that was simple yet brilliant. I’ve been able to incorporate the information that I learned from you into different areas of my life as well as use it to help others. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge, and your immense generosity!

Chris Cobb says: In my session with Mark, he looked at one of my sales pages and made several suggestions about content and placement. I went through the list and implemented each suggestion. My conversions went up about 50% after that. If you ever get a chance to spend time with Mark, you should do it.

Lain Ehmann says: In fifteen minutes, you cut through the BS and the fog and helped me focus with concrete, actionable items. You listen and responded with your whole attention, heart, and vast history of experience. Thank you, Mark, for making a difference for me and my business.

Mary Morris says: I genuinely appreciated the 15 minutes I spent with you. During that short time, you helped me with a very specific list building tip (that’s perfect for our business) and you gave me a couple great monetization ideas for our site as well. One has the potential to almost quadruple our income. Lastly, you gave me some great food for thought. It was 15 golden minutes and I’m very appreciative of your insight and generosity. Thank you so very much!

Janet Slack says: Imagine Luke Skywalker in consultation with Yoda in Star Wars. My 15 minute consultation with Mark Hendricks created a similar scene. Thankfully Mark’s communication was clear and direct and there was no “Yoda-speak”. In a brief period of time, Mark was able to help clarify my struggles with marketing through affiliates and to give me a direction for change. We looked at the problem from the strategic level and he was also concise in his description of specific tactics to use. Mark encapsulated days of training with others into a brief conversation. And there’s more! Mark also gave me a sales page blueprint that will be used in my business for years and has already improved my conversion.

Lisa Decker says: Mark Hendricks has a knack for zeroing in on what questions to ask and what needs answers to. He is also a rich resource for people and systems. His experience can help jump start a failing business or greatly improve a successful business.

Shannon Stoltz says: Talking with Mark was an answer to prayer. In just the first five minutes, Mark cleared away the three of the barriers that were slowing me down, and handed me a solution to a challenge that I had spent hours trying to figure out. He gave me the confidence that I was in fact on the right path, and gave me insights into techniques that will accelerate my path to profits. In fact I’ve already seen a difference in traffic and conversions based on the insights I put into practice after talking to Mark. If you get the chance to talk with Mark, grab it, and be prepared to write some notes and take action, because Mark is generous with his knowledge and has that rare ability to draw out clarity and give you confidence to move forward. Thank you Mark for all you do!


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